Micro RONI Gen 4X: PROFESSIONAL Kit for Glock 17&19 and 26&27 / CZ P07/P09/P10 / Beretta APX

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Micro RONI Gen 4X: PROFESSIONAL Kit for Glock 17&19 and 26&27 / CZ P07/P09/P10 / Beretta APX

The Micro RONI Gen 4X: Professional Kit is the only stability kit for Glock , Beretta and CZ with a built-in trigger guard. Affordable and packed with advanced features like superior ejection for faster loading and enhanced stability, you’ll be blown away by the value for money and ease of use of this superb system.


What You Get With Your Glock, Beretta and CZ Kit:

Left/Right Mounted Thumb Rest

Flip Up Front Sights

Flip-Up Rear Sights

Micro RONI Red Dot Sight


Micro RONI Gen 4X: PROFESSIONAL Kit – Optional Accessories Available:

Muzzle Extender

Level 1 Retention Glock Holster

Level 2 Retention Glock Holster

Cleaning Kit

Protective Eyewear


Micro RONI Gen 4X: PROFESSIONAL Kit Dimensions:

Maximum Width: 63 mm

Maximum Height: 145 mm

Open Stock Total Length: 567 mm

Folded Stock Total Length: 348 mm

Total Weight: 2100 grams


Micro Roni Gen 4X: PROFESSIONAL Kit Features:

Captive charging handle securely contained within the kit

Enlarged size, flared projectile casing ejection port

Removable foregrip ensuring SBR/NON-SBR regulatory compliance

Arm braces available for Non-SBR as per customer preference

Patented trigger guard ensuring safety while carrying and in use

Fast cocking handle remains fixed, irremovable part of the conversion system

Folded-stock support and elongated Picatinny rail

Extra front loading support for additional rounds and rapid reloading

Competitive, affordable pricing and broad compatibility


Micro Roni Gen 4X Compatibility – Kit Fits:

Glocks – 19,23,32 & 17,22,31 including the Glock Gen5 and Glock X

Beretta – Beretta APX, CZ P07/09 and P10 (there are potential fitment issues with the Beretta suppressor-ready models.)

Please note – The Gen4X Stabilizer comes with a fixed vertical grip as the standard configuration instead of the regular folding stock supplied with the SBR kit. A tax stamp is needed when purchasing the kit for the APX, as it is classified as SBR.


Micro Roni Gen 4X Specifications And Benefits:

The Gen 4X Micro RONI Stabilizer is a professional micro kit that grants unmatched versatility, an industry-leading safety-conscious design, and sturdy construction that’ll ramp up your control and accuracy. Between the folding stock, captive handle, and triangular-shaped barrel shroud – it’s a high-performance system that boasts everything you could hope for from a Beretta or Glock stabilizer.


You’ll find that the Gen 4X has an extra-long Picatinny rail and two additional Picatinny rails on the right and left. The longer-than-normal rails allow you to mount more than one accessory at a time, giving you the chance to mount a flashlight and sight simultaneously. Not only is the functionality elevated, but the stability is outstanding thanks to quality manufacturing, and thumb rests. There’s less recoil and muzzle rise.

A new precision-engineered triangular-shaped barrel shroud protects your hand and the handguard from heat while letting you shift it to accommodate full and medium-sized Glocks like the Glock 17 to Glock 19 range. An open hatch gives quick access to your Glock or Beretta’s slide lock enabling lightning-quick reload times in combination with the enlarged flared magazine ejection port. The ejection speed of lighter shells is nothing short of remarkable.

Here are the primary benefits to choosing the Micro RONI Gen 4X: Professional Kit:

Wide-scale versatility allowing use with or without foregrip and/or arm brace

Easy installation without Glock/Beretta disassembly or professional assistance needed letting you drop and lock in moments

Recoil and muzzle rise greatly reduced when using a stabilizer, and left/right serrated thumb rests

Multiple Picatinny rails (with extended rail) supporting the mounting of multiple accessories

Fast reloading and cartridge expulsion thanks to large ejection port and hatch access to the slide-stop

Total ambidextrous supremely lightweight design including fast-cocking handle and superb trigger-guard safety

Kit designed to be carried and concealed, including shooting from folded stock support

Additional magazine support thanks to extra magazine carrier for additional rounds and fast response reloading

Micro RONI Gen 4X: PROFESSIONAL Kit – Performance Exceeding All Expectations

Made from glass-reinforced polymer matched to your Glock or Beretta quality, the Micro Roni Gen 4 Professional Kit comes with various stock and front grip color variations. Depending on manufacturer stock levels, the grip and stock will arrive in either the same color as the kit’s body, or they’ll be black. It’s an affordable, reliable stabilizing system that’ll blow you away with its performance and value for money. The Micro RONI 4X is a must-have for anyone who wants to improve the control, handling, and accuracy of their aim.

Stock Type

Regular Stock-SBR-All NFA Rules Apply, STAB- NON SBR , NON NFA



Pistol Type

Beretta -APX, CZ -P07 & 09, CZ-P10C&F, Glock 17, 31,19,19X ,32,45 (Gen 5,4,3). Glock 22,23 (Gen 4,3), Glock 26,27(Gen. 5,4 & 3)


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