Micro Roni® Gen4 – Pro Kit

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Micro RONI Gen 4 Kit for Glock 17&19 and 26&27 / CZ P07/P09/P10 / Beretta APX

The Micro RONI Gen 4 kit is the only series of stability kits for 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation Glocks and the Beretta APX that comes with the protection of an integrated trigger guard. With a polymer body crafted around a spine made from the same grade of aluminum in use by aircraft, you’re ensured a long-lasting upgrade to your stability, accuracy, and ejection, reload, and firing rate.

What Comes With Your Kit For Glock and Beretta :

Micro RONI Integrated Thumb Rest
Flip-Up Sights (Front & Rear)
Single Point Connection Sling And Sling Swivel Attachment

Micro RONI Gen 4 Kit – Optional Accessories Available:

Red Dot Sight
Micro RONI Case With Rugged Polymer Construction
Muzzle Extender
First And Second Level Retention Holsters
Cleaning Kit
Protective Eyewear

Micro RONI Gen 4 Kit Dimensions:

Maximum Width: 63 mm
Maximum Height: 145 mm
Open Stock Total Length: 567 mm
Folded Stock Total Length: 348 mm
Total Weight: 880 grams

Micro Roni Gen 4 Kit Features:

Immovable captive charging handle with slide-locking assembly
Casing ejection port with enlarged size for faster reloads
Option Of Removable Foregrip To Guarantee Full SBR or NON-SBR Regulatory Compliance
NON-SBR compliant orders can specify an arm brace with ready availability provided
Built-In Micro Roni Patented Ambidextrous Trigger Guard Protecting You While Carried And In use
Fixed Handle Allowing Fast Cocking With Zero-Wobble Shooting From Folded
Support To Keep Additional Cartridge Within Fixed Foregrip
Wide-Scale Compatibility With Unbeatable Price And Value For Money

Micro Roni Gen 4 Compatibility – Our Kit Fits:

Glock 17 & 19, as well as 26 & 27
CZ P07, CZ PO9, CZ P10
Beretta APX (please be vigilant of potential fitment issues with suppressor-ready models.)

Kindly note – The Gen4 Stabilizer arrives with a fixed vertical grip as the default configuration as opposed to the regular folding stock given along with the SBR kit. A tax stamp is necessary when buying the kit for the Beretta as it classes as SBR.

Micro Roni Gen 4 Kit – Specifications And Benefits:

The Gen 4 Micro RONI Stabilizer is a compact professional kit that stabilizes your Glock or Beretta while also adding a full-length Picatinny rail above and two extra lateral rails below. This means you’ve got the option of carrying a flashlight and sight. With this upgrade, you also get the functionality of a range of safety and performance-enhancing features designed to drastically improve accuracy while facilitating quick follow-up shots.

It takes zero technical know-how to fit the Gen 4 Micro Stabilizer. The charging handle is fixed in place, and all that it takes is matching up the serrations and sliding your Glock or Beretta into place, locking into the charging handle assembly. In addition, there’s an intelligently housed ambidextrous trigger guard that functions as a reliable safety without any risk of ever getting in the way.

The tactical engineering of the Micro Roni Gen4’s triangular barrel shroud lets it work with either a full or compact frame. A single screw atop the shroud lets you slide the sleeve and shift to accommodate different-sized frames. Add to this how the foregrip acts as a cartridge carrier, and you’ve got a kit that works as aggressively well as it looks. From the industry-leading quality of construction to stability that can’t be beaten – this kit has it all.

Here are the main benefits of choosing the Micro RONI Gen Kit:

Support for use with or without the foregrip or arm brace fitted
Multiple accessory mounting, allowing for sights, torches, and more due to the top and bottom Picatinny rails
Straightforward installation without disassembling to put your firing solution into rapid use immediately when you need it
Serrated thumb rests on both sides combined with high-performance stabilizer tighten your aim, reducing recoil and muzzle rise
Reload faster than ever thanks to the Micro RONI Gen4’s enlarged ejection port, letting you gain sight of your breech at a glance
Comfort, discrete, lightweight ambidextrous design with fast-cocking and folded stock shooting
Extra front cartridge support allowing you to carry more and reload quicker while in the action

Micro RONI Gen 4 Kit – Give Yourself A Tactical And Performance Advantage, Today

The formidable Micro Roni Gen 4 packs everything needed to optimize accuracy and give you a tactical advantage into one affordable kit. Every last part of its design will serve you well, from the exposed slide release that couldn’t be easier to reach than where it is right at the front of the charging handle to the quick detaching sling point and the zero-wiggle fast-release system for the folding stock – you’ll be blown away by the value and performance.

Stock Type

Regular Stock-SBR-All NFA Rules Apply, STAB- NON SBR , NON NFA



Pistol Type

Beretta -APX, CZ -P07 & 09, CZ-P10C&F, Glock 17, 31,19,19X ,32,45 (Gen 5,4,3). Glock 22,23 (Gen 4,3), Glock 26,27(Gen. 5,4 & 3)


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