MCKBUS CAA | Front and Rear Iron Back Up Sights

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MCKBUS CAA | Front and Rear Iron Back Up Sights

The MCKFBUS CAA Front Flip Back Up Sight is an adjustable sight that can be attached to a Picatinny rail. The front sight is designed specifically for the center post, and no additional tools are required for elevation adjustment. The MCKFBUS CAA Front Flip Back Up Sight is specifically designed to help operators improve their aim.

  • No other tools are necessary for adjustment.
  • Polymer construction makes this product lightweight.
  • Spring-loaded button is designed to raise the sight and can be accessed from either side.
  • Mounts securely to any Picatinny
  • Center Post adjustment locks at quarter turns with a secure locked pin

The MCKRBUS CAA Rear Flip Back Up Sight is an affordable, all-polymer sighting tool that is selectable by three operators and provides maximum usefulness with minimal mass. The Rear Flip-Up Sight adjusts to fit Picatinny rail mounts, including the standard military A2 style. You can adjust it for windage too.

  • Lightweight, low-profile sights – Made from polymer to reduce weight
  • The sights on this spring-loaded pistol can be easily raised with the ambidextrous push button.
  • Designed to ensures consistent battery action
  • Rigid Picatinny mount, eliminates any wobbling
  • The large aperture is designed to help with aim in close quarters and low-light conditions.


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