16″ Barrels For Glock 17 (Gen 1-5) / Glock 19 (Gen 1-5) / Glock 19x / Glock 34 (Gen 3-5) / Glock 45

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Crafted with superior-quality steel, the CAA USA 9×19 Barrel is an impressive piece of engineering. It has a sleek black phosphate finish and broached inner profile that measures 16″ (406 mm). Designed to work explicitly with 9×19 ammo, it won’t limit you to factory rounds–but for optimal performance we recommend sticking to them. Compatible with GEN 2 MCKs and boasting a twist rate of 1:10 inch, this barrel from CAA USA is sure to meet your expectations in quality.


Introducing the MC-KARBINE19

The Micro Conversion Karbine from CAA USA is the perfect way to convert your Glock 19 into a full-fledged carbine! The MCK comes with a stabilizer, stock, and 16″ barrel, so you can easily install it and be ready to go. Plus, no NFA or tax stamp is required!

The MC-Karbine and its components are available in 3 options.

The MC-KARBINE: Includes a GEN 2 MCK with Gen 2 stabilizer, Gen 2 Stock, and 16″ Barrel for Glock 19 (Gen3/4)
The 19BAR16STK: Includes a Gen 2 Stock and 16″ Barrel for Glock 19 Gen3 & Gen4
The 19BAR16: CAA USA made 16″ Barrel for Glock 19 (Gen3/4)
The precision and power of the CAA USA 16″ Glock 19 barrel (19BAR16) adds velocity and extended range to your Gen3/4 Glock 19, creating tighter groupings for increased accuracy. When used in combination with our GEN 2 MCK line, you can experience unrivaled performance every time.


Material: High Grade Barrel Steel
Finish: Phosphate
Surface color: Dark grey to black
Inner Profile: Button Broached
Length: 16″ (406 mm)
Caliber: 9×19
Thread @ Muzzle: None
Ammunition: No restriction, but factory ammo recommended
Semi-auto function: Engineered for use with a GEN 2 MCK
Twist Rate: 1:10 Inch
Quality: The High Quality you’d expect from CAA USA

GLOCK 17 (Gen 1-4) / 34 (Gen 3-4) 16" BARREL, GLOCK 19 (Gen 1-5) / 19X / 34 (Gen 5) / 45 / 17 (GEN 5) 16" BARREL


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